So, you want to plan a trip to the Netherlands?

This website is an easy planning resource for your visit to the Netherlands. It will take you through the different phases of planning. It’s a one-stop-shop for your next trip to the Netherlands. It will lead you from the inspiration, through the decision-making and booking process, to finally enjoying the places included in your trip with tons of tips about the best things to do and see in the Netherlands.

Let’s start exploring the Netherlands together!

What’s there to see in the Netherlands? Help me!

If you have no idea where to go in the Netherlands, don’t worry, I got you covered. Check out the inspirational section on my blog. Here you will find a selection of the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

Where do you want to go in the Netherlands?

Do you prefer city life, or you would rather visit a national park? Do you want to visit Amsterdam or some of the most famous attractions in the Netherlands? Let’s start planning this trip to the Netherlands!

When are you coming to the Netherlands?

Are you coming in the spring when the tulips are in bloom, or in the autumn when the national parks turn purple with the blooming heath? If you are coming in winter why not visit a Christmas Market. Did you know that there are amazing beaches in the Netherlands for the perfect summer holiday? Choose below the season when you’ll be traveling to the Netherlands to discover any special places to visit.