Vaals – Climb the Only Mountain in the Netherlands

Vaals is one of the most visited places in the Netherlands. It is the perfect destination for a day trip from Maastricht or Aachen (Germany), or from anywhere in South Limburg. Vaals is a small town, famous for the highest mountain on continental Netherlands and the Three-country point. Learn in this post what are the best things to do in Vaals, how to reach the Three-country point and where to stay in the neighbourhood.

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Things to do in Vaals

Located at the southernmost corner of the Netherlands, where the borders of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet, Vaals is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands. Discover here the best things to do in Vaals.

three border stones and some green three behind, the highest point of the Netherlands on Vaalserberg
The highest point in the Netherlands

Climb Vaalserberg – the highest point in the Netherlands

For those who are used to the traditional flat Dutch Landscape, Vaalserberg is an amazing adventure. With its 322,4 m (last checked in 2017) Vaalserberg is the highest point in the Netherlands.

Fun fact: Vaalserberg is the highest mountain on continental Netherlands. Mount Scenery on the Caribbean island of Saba with its 887 m is officially the highest point of the country.

If you arrive by car in Vaals, the best would be to leave it in the town and walk to the top of the hill. It takes about a little less than half an hour to reach the top and it’s a lovely walk.

a path going through a green forest with moss on the ground and old leaves, the path to the top of Vaalserberg, Vaals

If you still want to drive to the top, there are enough parking spaces to leave your car. The parking costs 2 EUR per day. Make sure you have 1 or 2 EUR coins to pay for the parking, as the parking machine accepts only coins.

a border stone with the flags of the Germany, Netherlands and Belgium behind, Three-country point at Vaals
Drielandenpunt (Three-Country Point)

Visit 3 countries in 3 seconds at Drielandenpunt

At the Drielandenpunt (Three-country point or Tripoint) – where Belgium, Germany and Netherlands meet, you can visit 3 countries in 3 seconds. There is a border stone and the borders are marked like pie slices.

Not many people know, but once (for almost 100 years) the tripoint was actually a quadripoint. The fourth country in the puzzle was the no-man’s land Moresnet. Between 1816 and 1920 Moresnet was a neutral territory, which was governed by the Netherlands and Prussia. Today Neutral Moresnet is part of Belgium.

an outdoor maze with a tower at the background, the Maze at Drielandenpunt in Vaals
The maze at Drielandenpunt

Get lost at the largest maze in Europe

The maze at the Drielandenpunt is designed by the British landscape architect Adrian Fisher and is the largest outdoor maze in Europe. It’s also the highest one in the Netherlands, which is understandable. In the maze there are 3 observation platforms. I’m not going to give you any tips, as it is really fun to solve the maze. Just be prepared for some water splashes and other surprises. To solve the maze, it will take you anywhere between 45 minutes and an hour.

a gigantic maze seen from above with an entrance that has a roof in the form of a butterfly, the maze at the Three-country point (Drielandenpunt) in Vaals
A view from the King Baudewijn Tower

The entrance to the maze, where the souvenir shop and the local tourism office (VVV) are housed, is rather particular. From above it looks like a giant butterfly that has landed near the maze.

The maze is open daily from 10 am till 5 pm. The entry fee for adults is 6 EUR and for kids (4-12 yoa) – 5 EUR.

view from a high tower over green forests and small villages, view from Boudewijn Tower, Vaalserberg, Belgium
A view from the King Baudewijn Tower

Get a bird’s eye view over three countries at the same time

When you just think you can’t get higher than Vaalserberg, you will be surprised, you can. On the Belgian side of the tripoint is located the Boudewijn Tower. Standing on the top of the 50-meter high viewing tower, you can admire the views that stretch over the three countries as far as the eye can see.

The King Boudewijn Tower (as the complete name of the tower is), was built in 1970. Then it was only 33 m high. In 1993 the first tower was demolished and the new, 50-m high one was built in its place.

a high viewing tower surrounded by green trees and some people in front, Boudewijn Tower at Drielandenpunt, Vaals
The King Baudewijn Tower

There’s a lift that will bring you almost to the top. Then you have to climb the stairs to the last storey with the observation deck.

The viewing tower is open daily from 10 am till 6 pm. The entry fee for adults is 4 EUR and for kids (till 11 yoa) – 3 EUR.

Walk in the sky

If you are a tower-climbing addict, or if you love going up and enjoying the world from above, there is one more viewing tower at the Three-Country Point, this time on Dutch ground – the Wilhelmina Tower. The current tower is tower number 3. The first wooden tower was built in 1905 but in 1945 it was demolished as it was severely damaged during WW2. In 1951 the tower was rebuilt and in 2011 the old wooden tower was demolished again. A new tower with a Skywalk came at its place.

a tall observation tower with a skywalk glass viewing platform, Wilhelmina tower in Vaals, Limburg, the Netherlands
The Wilhelmina Tower

The tower is 35 m high and there is glass platform on the top. It is open from 10 am till 8 pm and the entry fee for the Skywalk is 3,50 EUR.

Hiking near Vaals

If you arrive early enough at Drielandenpunt, at the local tourism office you can get info and maps for some short walks in the surroundings. Or you can just make your own itinerary, hiking in 3 countries in one day.

a busy two-way street divided by some green trees in the middle, main street in Vaals, Netherlands

Places to visit in Vaals

Visiting Vaals is not only about visiting the Vaalserberg and the Drielandenpunt. The lovely Vaas is buzzing with life. On the main street, there are many restaurants, cafes an souvenir shops. Here is an overview of the most famous landmarks in Vaals:

a square with an octagonal building and some stairs and white houses, the Copper Mill (De Kopermolen) in Vaals
De Kopermolen

De Kopermolen

De Kopermolen (the Copper Mill), an interesting octagonal building, was a former Lutheran church built in 1736. Today it functions as an Art and Culture Centre.

Von Clermont House

Von Clermont House is an important industrial heritage site in South Limburg. It was a former textile factory, built by the industrialist Von Clermont. It was a wool processing mill, where the fleece from the sheep was carded, combed, dyed and spun into yarn. The Von Clermont House serves today as the Town Hall of Vaals.

a bronze monument of wounded soldier in front of a courtyard and white-yellow long house, the War Monument in front of the Clermont House in Vaals, Limburrg, the Netherlands
The War Monument in front of the Von Clermont House

War Monument

In the courtyard of the Von Clermont House there is the monument of the wounded soldier – a memorial for the citizens of Vaals who have lost their lives in WW2 and the wars in the Dutch Indies.

a big chestnut tree in blossom in a courtyard of an U-shaped building with a fountain in front, Queen Juliaana Square in Vaals
The Queen Juliana Square and the fountain

Queen Juliana Square

At the square, in front of the Von Clermont House, there is an interesting fountain that tells the industrial history of Vaals as it reminds a yarn dye bath.

a brick church with an old church tower and some green trees in front, the Protestant Church in Vaals, the Netherlands
The Protestant Church

Protestant Church

The lovely Protestant Church was built in 1671 against the old marl-stone tower of the parish church for the protestants of Aachen who were persecuted because of their religion.

a beautiful church Gothic Revival Style and a blue sky with white clouds, Saint Paul's Church in Vaals
The Saint-Pauls’s Church

Saint-Paul’s Church

The imposing Saint-Paul’s Church was built in 1893 to replace the old one, located some 60 m further down the road, which was too small for the congregation. It is in Gothic Revival style and has some impressive stained glass windows.

interior of a church with nice tile floor, arches and stained glass on the windows, Saint Paul's Church in Vaals
The interior of the Saint-Pauls’s Church

Bloemendal Castle

Vaals has its own castle. The Von Clermont family built this impressive mansion just at a stone’s throw away from the factory. Schloss Blumenthal (Bloemendal Castle) is a hotel today.

How to get to Vaals

By car

Although you can reach Vaals easily by public transport, getting there by car is advisable.

From the Netherlands

If you are staying in Maastricht, you can reach Vaals in less than 30 minutes by car (30 km). Vaals is an easy day trip from any place in Limburg. Even from Amsterdam it’s not too far away – 2 and a half hours (230 km).

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a main street in a city with shops and colourful houses, Vaals, Limburg, the Netherlands

From Belgium

If you are staying in Belgium, from Brussels it takes an hour and a half (140 km) to Vaals and from Liege/Luik – 50 minutes (45 km).

From Germany

If you are in Germany, from Cologne it’s about an hour (90 km) and from Aachen you can even walk to Vaals, as the distance is only 5 km.

a street with parked cars on one side and a church bell tower at the end of the street, Vaals, Netherlands
A street in Vaals with the St-Paul’s Church

By public transport

The Qliner bus line 350 runs every 30 minutes between Maastricht and Aachen and stops in Vaals.

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Where to stay in Vaals

Here is a small selection of the best places to stay in Vaals. Being quite touristy, Vaals offers a large variety of places to stay, from cute little B&Bs to luxurious hotels, holiday parks, and some castles.

Landal Hoog Vaals

Check prices and availability:


Bilderberg Castle

Check prices and availability:


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Drielandenpunt Vaals Aachen

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Final Words

Vaals and the Drielandenpunt is on the bucket list of every Dutch person. These two landmarks are a must-see for everyone who wants to explore the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam. Some of the top things to do in Vaals include climbing the highest mountain in the Netherlands, solving the biggest outdoor maze in Europe, and visiting the tripoint.

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