Mechelen Limburg Netherlands

Mechelen – a Hidden Gem in South Limburg

Have you ever heard of Mechelen? Not the Mechelen in Belgium, of course. There is also a Mechelen in the Netherlands, which is not that famous as its Belgian counterpart, but absolutely worth visiting. If …

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a tiny haven in a small town with a windmill, Heusden in the Netherlands

15 Cool Things to Do in Heusden

Heusden is a tiny walled town located on the banks of the River Meuse (Maas) in the Province of North Brabant. Seen from above, the town has the shape of a star. Heusden is the …

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a view from a lighthouse to a white-sand beach and blue sea, view from the Texel lighthouse

Wadden Sea – World Heritage Site

For centuries, The Netherlands has been inextricably linked with its coastal waters. The long story of Dutch history ebbs and flows with the waters that continually flooded and receded across the low-lying country. These days, …

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a large white factory surrounded by green grass and reflecting in a pond; Van Nelle Factory

Van Nelle Factory – World Heritage Site

Factories aren’t normally the sort of buildings one associates with the UNESCO World Heritage List. They’re typically ugly and utilitarian structures, consigned to a city’s outskirts and ignored by most. But factories have played a …

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