17 Best Day Trips from Den Bosch

When visiting Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch), you should spend a couple of days so that you will have time to discover the area around the city and the Province of North Brabant. In this post you will find a collection of the best places to visit on a day trip from Den Bosch – lovely cities, cute little villages, beautiful nature parks, castles, and amusement parks in North Brabant and beyond.

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Here on the map you can find all places to visit on a day trip from Den Bosch, featured in the post.

Big cities near Den Bosch

As Den Bosch is centrally located in North Brabant, there are good connections to other big cities. Even Amsterdam is a good idea for a day trip from Den Bosch, as it takes only an hour by train to get from Den Bosch to the Dutch capital.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase via one of those links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost for you.

canal with rounded bridges and houses with bell gables - Amsterdam

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam with its spiderweb of canals and the stepped-gable houses alongside the water is perhaps the most visited place in the Netherlands and undeniably one of the most beautiful cities not only in the Netherlands but in the world. Take a boat trip along the canals (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and visit a museum or two if you have more time. If you are a fan of Van Gogh, you won’t be disappointed, as the Van Gogh Museum has the biggest collection of the artist’s works. The Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House are other must-sees.

Distance: 90 km
How to get there: By train – 55 min, by car – 60 min

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city roofs and a tall church tower, Utrecht in the Netherlands

2. Utrecht

Utrecht is absolutely charming with its canals and the cafes at the water level. When in Utrecht, visit the beautiful Dom (the cathedral of Utrecht). You can climb to the top of the cathedral for some amazing views or get underneath it for some Roman ruins. If you want to get off-the-beaten path, visit the quirky Museum Speelklok, where you can admire their unique collection of self-playing instruments. Locals enjoy visiting Utrecht, as you get the vibe of Amsterdam minus the tourists. The Centraal Museum of Utrecht has a lovely art collection. Another hidden treasure is the Rietveld Schröder House – an amazing example of functionalist architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Distance: 55 km
How to get there: By train – 26 min, by car – 45 min

people sitting outside of a cefe on high tables, Tilburg in the Netherlands

3. Tilburg

Tilburg is famous for the biggest funfair (Kermis) in Europe. For straight ten days in July the city turns into a gigantic fair ground where you can let your adrenaline sky-rocket in one of the many attractions. There isn’t much left of the Old Town after WWII and the city has taken its own direction, just like Rotterdam, towards a more modern city look.

The last years there were a few areas redeveloped and today they are great places to hang out – the Piushaven and the Spoorzone. Another lovely neighborhood in Tilburg is the Dwaalgebied – a criss-cross of charming streets where you can easily get lost. Tilburg is a young city, as there are a few Universities, which contribute to the hipster vibe of this modern city.

Distance: 25 km
How to get there: By train – 15 min, by car – 30 min

a part of a Gothic church nxt to a house with a stepped gable and Christmas decorations on, Breda in the Netherlands

4. Breda

Breda is a lovely city with a laid back atmosphere. A bit of history, a beautiful park, a majestic cathedral, a castle, numerous cafes and restaurants and lots of shops, Breda is the perfect day trip not only from Den Bosch but from anywhere in the Netherlands. It is also a preferred shopping destination among the locals.

Distance: 50 km
How to get there: By train – 29 min, by car – 36 min

modern dome shaped building from glass and a few trees in the foreground, Eindhoven in the Netherlands

5. Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a modern industrial city, quite different from the rest of the Dutch cities. It’s vibrant, it’s hip, it’s full of life. If you are there in the autumn, you’ll be able to enjoy the Glow Festival – light shows and architectural mapping. Eindhoven is also famous for the Dutch Design Week – the biggest fashion event in Northern Europe. And of course Eindhoven is home of Philips – one of the most famous Dutch companies.

Distance: 37 km
How to get there: By train – 19 min, by car – 32 min

Attraction parks near Den Bosch

Two of the biggest attraction parks in the Netherlands are located at a stone’s throw from Den Bosch. They are one of the most popular day trips from Den Bosch.

a beautiful, fairy-tale like castle, a part of an attraction in the Efteling Amusement park

6. The Efteling Theme Park

The Efteling (or De Efteling in Dutch) is one of the best amusement parks in Europe. However the park is not only about roller-coasters and head-spinning attractions, it also tells local legends and famous fairy-tales with such a passion that you forget you aren’t a child anymore. The landscaping of the park is also quite beautiful. Make sure to get on the Pagode from where you will have an amazing view over the park and the countryside.

Distance: 27 km
How to get there: By bus – 45 min, by car – 22 min

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water in front with small houses at the background and a couple of girafes eating from a pole, the Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands

7. Beekse Bergen Safari Park

The Beekse Bergen Safari Park is a unique attraction park where you can go on a safari in the middle of the Netherlands. You can use your own car, but you can also do a bus or a boat safari organized by the park. With more than 100 species and beautiful landscape, Beekse Bergen offer a real safari experience. And not only this, the park has established sustainable practices and they support a number of nature preservation projects.

Distance: 29 km
How to get there: By train and bus – 1 hour 45 min, by car – 34 min

Day trips from Den Bosch to cute villages

If you love the charm of cute little places, then you won’t be disappointed – there are quite a lot small towns and villages that can be visited on a day trip from Den Bosch. It was very difficult to name just a few, but still these are are some of the best ones.

a tiny haven in a small town with a windmill, Heusden in the Netherlands

8. Heusden

Heusden is a super cute walled town not very far from Den Bosch. Seen from the air, it has the shape of a star. When in Heusden, take a walk along the ramparts and enjoy the lovely town on one side and the beautiful nature on the other. A must-do in Heusden is stopping at the Pannekoekenbakker on Vismarkt 4 and trying the famous Dutch pancakes – an interesting marriage between an omelette and a pizza. Another lovely place to have a drink is by the neighbours on Vismarkt 2 – Café Havenzicht, where you can watch the boats coming into the small harbour of Heusden on a sunny day.

Distance: 16 km
How to get there: By bus – 31 min, by car – 17 min

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a monument of a woman in medieval clothes in front of a red-brick house, Woudrichem in the Netherlands

9. Woudrichem

Woudrichem is another hidden gem of a place in North Brabant. It is a small fortified town with lovely cafés and restaurants. If you are there in the weekend, don’t miss the little second-hand and vintage shop Oude Liefde (Old Love), located on Hoogstraat 2. It’s absolutely charming and you’ll find at least one little treasure there.

Distance: 33 km
How to get there: By bus – 1 hour 30 min, by car – 33 min

a small harbour in a city with a boat and colorful geraniums hanging on the railings along the water, Gorinchem in the Netherlands

10. Gorinchem

Gorinchem is a lovely fortified town on the Merwede River with a small harbour. The Linge River flows straight through the old town to the Merwede and makes it for a lovely place to walk along. Climb the church tower (Grote Toren) for some amazing views over the town and get a drink and a bite at the Market Square overlooking the Old Town Hall, today Gorcums Museum. You can visit ols the grain windmill Nooit Volmaakt, which has a lovely bakery. Needless to say, the flour comes from the mill itself.

Gorinchem is located at the place where the 3 Dutch provinces Gelderland, North Brabant and South Holland meet. Officially, Gorinchem is South Holland.

Distance: 40 km
How to get there: By train – 48 min, by car – 32 min

a red-brick farm with a thatched roof and a a wooden fence, some yellow flowers growing behind the fence, Giersbergen at the Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park

11. Giersbergen

Giersbergen is a super tiny and super cute village. Although the origins of the village date back to the 13th century, today there are only 28 people living there. The houses, well actually farmsteads, are in the typical for North Brabant long façade style with thatched roofs. In Giersbergen there’s a lovely café – De Drie Linden – with a huge sunny terrace where you can get some refreshments.

You can combine a visit to Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park on a day trip from Den Bosch with a stop in quaint Giersbergen.

Distance: 19 km
How to get there: By car – 21 min

a street with houses on both sides and a old-fashioned lamp pole in the foregorund and arched city gates at the background, Zaltbommel in the Netherlands

12. Zaltbommel

This lovely town is one of the hidden gems in the Netherlands. Located on the inland island formed by the rivers Meuse and Waal, this fortified town is absolutely worth the visit. For some amazing views of the area, climb the tower of the St. Martin’s Church (Sint-Maartenskerk). Take a walk along the Waal River and check out the Water Gate (Waterpoort). Zaltbommel has its very own castle – the so-called Zaltbommel City Castle (Stadskasteel Zaltbommel), built in 1535. Today, the castle is open for visits and functions as a museum.

Distance: 18 km
How to get there: By train – 10 min, by car – 22 min

Day trips to castles near Den Bosch

Some very famous castles in the Netherlands are an easy day trip from Den Bosch. So, if you are chasing castles everywhere you go, you won’t be disappointed. Here are the two most popular castles that close to Den Bosch: Slot Loevestein and Mmersoyen Castle.

a medieval castle with rounded towers at the corners surrounded by water, Ammerzoyen castle in the Netherlands

13. Ammersoyen Castle

Ammersoyen Castle (Kasteel Ammersoyen) is an adorable moated castle. The construction of the defensive castle near the Meuse River started in the 12th century and it was finished in the 13th century. The Ammersoyen Castle was completely restored to its medieval glory in the 1970s and is open for visitors today. There are also some lovely walks in the neighbourhood.

Distance: 10 km
How to get there: By bus – 25 min, by car – 15 min

a medieva castle with turrets and a rounded tower on a green hill, surrounded by a moat, Slot Loevestein in the Netherlands

14. Slot Loevestein

Slot Loevestein was built in the 14th century by the knight Dirc Loef but soon after was taken by the Count of Holland. In the 17th century the castle was turned into a state prison. One of the greatest legal scholars, the father of the modern international law – Hugo Grotius (Hugo de Groot in Ducth), was imprisoned there but he succeeded to escape. How did he manage to escape? Visit the castle to find out.

Distance: 32,5 km
How to get there: By bus – 2 hrs (not recommended), by car – 34 min

Beautiful nature near Den Bosch

Just a stone’s throw from Den Bosch are 2 of the most beautiful national parks in the Netherlands – De Loonse en Drunense Duinen and De Biesbosch. There are also some other beautiful nature areas around North Brabant’s capital: De Groote Peel, Het Groene Woud, De Kampina, and Huis ter Heide.

sand dunes with withered brownish heather and green pine trees at the horizon with blue sky and white clouds above, The Dunes of loon and Drunen in the Netherlands

15. Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park

Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park (or the Dunes of Loon and Drunen in English) is the biggest sand drift area in Northern Europe. The dunes are great for taking a walk around. If you want, you can also hire a bike and explore the area on two wheels. When you go for a walk in the dunes, make sure you have taken enough water with you, as you can get quickly dehydrated. At some areas it feels as if you are walking in the desert, and that’s exactly how the locals call it: the Brabant Sahara.

Distance: 10 km
How to get there: By car – 15 min

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a low building with a roof from turf and a small quay in front, surrounded by water, De Biesbosch National Park the Netherlands

16. De Biesbosch National Park

De Biesbosch is probably the most unique national park in the Netherlands. The land that was reclaimed from the marshlands in the past centuries is now given back to nature. De Biesbosch is one of the biggest freshwater tidal wetlands in Europe – a network of interconnected rivers and creeks, a kind of an inland delta. The best way to discover this beautiful area is by boat. You can also visit the Museum Island, where you can learn about the National Park and its flora and fauna.

Distance: 50 km
How to get there: By car – 55 min

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a boradwalk across a small lake with yellowish grass growing here and there, Huis Ter Heide Park in the Netherlands

17. Huis ter Heide

Huis ter Heide is a small nature park between Tilburg and the small village of De Moer. You can walk there through the forests or along the fens. There are a few watch towers, from where you can spot birds and other animals. Popular inhabitants of Huis ter Heide are the Highland cows.

Distance: 32 km
How to get there: By bus – 45 min, by car – 27 min

Final words

Although most tourists visit Den Bosch for a day, the city and the area around offer lots of attraction and you can easily spend in Den Bosch anywhere between a couple of days up to 2 weeks. If you are staying in Den Bosch, even Amsterdam is an easy day trip. With some world-class amusement parks, and lots of recreational areas, Den Bosch is also a popular destination for families with kids.

The above selection of the best day trips from Den Bosch is only a fraction of the places that are worth visiting in North Brabant and beyond.

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